Kaunas GeoFortress 2025

This is an informational page about the first Lithuanian MEGA event that is scheduled to happen at 02/08/2025.

EVENT: The theme of the first MEGA event in Lithuania is the heritage of military architecture in Kaunas. Geocachers from all over Europe can enjoy not only historical sites, but also beautiful natural views, as most military structures are surrounded by nature or offer a great panoramic view of the city’s surroundings. This event is expected to attract not only military history and architectural heritage enthusiasts, but also anyone looking for unique and memorable experiences during the event.

Kaunas, the second-largest city in Lithuania, has an international airport and a rich history. In the interwar period, it served as Lithuania’s temporary capital, fostering a network of scientific and cultural institutions. In 2022, Kaunas held the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture, and in 2023, its modernist architecture was recognized by UNESCO as part of our shared heritage.

Kaunas Central Post Office, one of the modernistic heritage buildings in Kaunas

But there’s more to Kaunas than the famous titles. Nestled at the confluence of Lithuania’s two largest rivers, Nemunas and Neris, the city has always played a significant role in strategic defense. During the reign of the Russian Empire, there were plans to transform Kaunas into a major fortress. While this slowed down urban development, today, the remains of those fortifications stand as iconic landmarks.

Nuostabioji Kauno Santaka – miesto lopšys" su Mūsų odisėja
Nemunas and Neris confluence

From 1882 to 1915, Kaunas witnessed the construction of 250 military structures, including churches, forts, administrative buildings, tunnels, warehouses, and water towers. Kaunas Fortress remains one of the best-preserved examples of military engineering in Eastern and Central Europe. Its defensive installations continue to awe visitors with their underground passages, well-designed water systems, and historical significance.

The fortress, characterized by its distinctive red-brick architecture, now houses educational, recreational, and cultural activities. Museums, university departments, residential buildings, public institutions, Lithuanian military units, and even industrial enterprises occupy parts of this historic complex. Notably, the nine forts in and around Kaunas have been adapted for educational tourism. 

One of the forts, Fort VI, currently houses the military equipment unit of the Vytautas the Great War Museum. In a meeting with the museum’s employees, MEGA’s organizers introduced them to Geocaching and the idea of creating the first mega-event in Lithuania. The museum has granted permission to host the event on the museum grounds. 

Vytauto Didžiojo karo muziejaus ekspozicija savaitgaliais dirbs ilgiau |
Fort VI

Cultural events are organized in forts, not for the first time.

It is worth mentioning such mass events as:

  • Celebration of freedom “All as one” in VI fort
  • Or music festivals and concerts in storage house “Parakas


 Friday “Meet & Greet”

  • Techno/DJ/Electronic Concert: Get ready to groove at the old warehouse or Fort I. The beats will echo through the historic walls, creating an electrifying atmosphere.
  • International Photography Exhibition: Capturing geocaching life from around the world, this exhibition invites participants to submit their photos in advance. Prepare to be amazed by the visual storytelling.

Saturday MEGA

  • Thematic Museum Tours and Education: Led by museum educators, these tours delve into the military history and architectural legacy of Kaunas. (Registration beforehand is needed.)
  • T5 Adventures in the Museum Tunnels: For the daring geocachers, these tunnels require special tools and preparation. Explore hidden corners and uncover secrets.
  • Crafting the Largest Geocache in Lithuania: Witness and participate in the creation of a colossal geocache container. It’s not just big—it’s MEGA-sized!
  • Geovaržytuvės (Cache Challenges): Compete in team or individual challenges. Sharpen your geocaching skills and discover hidden treasures.
  • Food Corner: Recharge with local delicacies and international flavors.
  • Relaxation Zone: Enjoy outdoor games, brain teasers, and activities for kids. Exchange wooden geocoins and immerse yourself in the geocaching community.
  • K-9 Unit Demonstration: Meet the talented service dogs and learn about their vital roles.
  • Guided LAB Tours: Explore Kaunas’ military technology and architectural heritage. Guided tours (available in English and Lithuanian) will take you through the fortifications.

Sunday “Goodbye”

  • CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) in Jiesios Landscape Reserve: Join the cleanup effort and leave the area better than you found it.
  • Chill & Grill in Panemunė Forest: Wind down with a relaxing barbecue surrounded by nature.
  • Special Commemorative Coin: To mark this inaugural MEGA event in Lithuania, a themed coin will be released. Don’t miss this unique keepsake!

ENTRANCE FEE: 10 EUR registration fee per person/per geocaching account for all activities (includes additional infrastructure (WC), 1-2 thematic educational sessions at the museum for registered persons, and visits to different Kaunas forts for registered persons). Themed Wooden Geocoin included.